Our 1st Family Play Date – A great success!

Thank you to Sara for planning the very first Mommy-Daddy-Baby play date!  We all know how difficult it is to plan around 12+ schedules, so a huge Thank You to Sara for getting all of us together! Today we had our very first play date with moms, dads, and kids and it was a great success!  It was so nice to walk around outside and talk – plus the kids loved interacting with each other.    After the museum we ended up going to the Barking Spider for a little “adult time” with the kiddies.  It was pretty nice outside (for a cold spring day) and so we sat outside, had a beer, and talked about work-life balance and how it was going back to work after maternity leave.  It was interesting to chat with two other moms in different stages of work-mommyhood.  While Taylor is getting ready to head back to work, Kristy has been back to work for @9 months now, after her second child, so it was really interesting to get both of their perspectives on the pros and cons of going back to work.  Here are some of the other things that came up while chatting with the other moms: 

  •  It’s OK to feel happy about going back to work.  It’s also OK to need time for ourselves…and we don’t need to feel guilty about it!
  • No one will ever be able to care for our kids the way that we do, and that’s OK.
  • Getting our kids to sleep (both through the night and through nap time) is a constant battle that all parents are determined to win!  Everyone has a different approach and it’s nice to see how different parents handle this topic in their own ways.

  I also have to say that it was really nice to have the guys there!  I think that alternating between mommy-only dates and family dates is going to work out really well.  In fact, the guys wanted to add a “daddy-only” night.  Not a bad idea!   Taylor starts back to work this week so let’s all wish her luck!  You’ll do great Taylor!  We’ve all been there and we are here for you if you need anything!   The next event will be for mommies only and will be held at Melange at La Place on April 30th @7:30.   Hope to see you there!


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