First week back to work – Taylor’s story

My week back went more smoothly than I thought it would, but we’re still working out the kinks. Alec had a terrible first day at daycare, but yesterday was better. I have been going at lunch to nurse him and it’s nice to see him in the middle of the day. It has also given me a chance to interact with his caregivers and I think that I really like them so far. I think that long term this will be best for both of us, but this transition is hard. I have cried every time I’ve left him, but didn’t this morning. I have to say it has been really nice to have a little peace and quiet for myself. I can go to the bathroom when I want, get a drink when I want, and ate my lunch in peace for the first time in weeks. I think my brain actually still works too, which is comforting. Although, it feels like it is going to take me a while before everything is completely fired up.

This morning we had major schedule issues. He woke up unexpectedly at 4:30 and wanted a full feeding. When I woke him up later to get him ready and give him a quick feeding before heading out, I went to change his diaper and he peed all over everything. So I had to strip him down and clean him up. As soon as I had him clean and diapered and redressed, he pooped. So I had to wait for him to finish and then change him. By then we only had time for half a feeding, so he was screaming and indignant as I packed him into his carseat. Thankfully, he was calm by the time we got to daycare.

I am exhausted, though. I am glad this is my last day this week and am ready to chill at home with him tomorrow. I also think we are going to get grandma or a babysitter this weekend so that Mark and I can go out by ourselves for awhile.



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  1. That’s great Taylor! I’m really impressed that things went so well – and planning a date for you and Mark the first weekend after going back to work is great too! So important to make time for you and Mark as well as the baby. How did your first month go?

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