Found a way to get things done…have a grandma or sitter come over!

After putting off our chores long enough (it is June now right?), we asked David’s mom to come over and babysit Madeline while he did yard work and while I organized our very very dirty third floor.  We are trying to make a play area out of a room on the second floor which means that everything in that room needed to come out and be moved to the crowded 3rd floor…hence the organizing.  I also had to sweep everything – I swear I’m still coughing up dust! Yuck!

So we found a good compromise – to get the chores done and not feel too guilty about leaving her:  we hung out with her until her her first nap (@10) and then started working.  David’s mom came over when Madeline woke up and fed her lunch, played with her, put her down for her second nap, helped me with stuff on the 3rd floor, and then took it from there (dinner, etc.). We got so much done!  Thank god for the help!

We spent the entire day on Sunday together (zoo with the W-M Crew! yeah!, dinner together, drinks with hubby after baby went to bed), so it really wasn’t that bad – the guilt I mean – doing work and not spending 100% of my weekend with miss madeline.

Going to try a new restaurant tonight – new to us anyway – Paladar.  Heard good things but I’ll pass along the good…or bad…word!

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