Last Night’s Dinner at Nightown

Last night we had our best showing yet! It was a beautiful night (although it started to rain a bit when we were leaving) and I have to say that it was really nice to have a few glasses of vino, catch up and hang out with “the girls” and not have to worry about entertaining or feeding a sweet, but teething and sometimes cranky, 10 month old. I could eat my entire meal in peace – ahhhh.

Lainie, our newest “member”, was able to share some of her insights into parenthood. Since she’s been through many of the sleep/eating/daycare issues we’re all just starting to deal with, we were eager to hear what she had to say. She also had the most children (3 – the oldest is 6, the youngest is 11 months) of those at dinner, so she definitely had a lot of advice!

We all shared stories of how we met each other, our husbands, and, of course, our experiences of getting pregnant. It was really interesting to hear stories that the tellers thought were boring (Sara!!) but that all of us found fascinating! I always love to catch up with the girls and see what the kids are up to. So much seems to happen in that first year – it’s difficult to stay up to date.

The next event will be on Sunday, July 27th – place is TBD. I will be planning this event (unless someone else who hasn’t planned anything wants to give it a crack).


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  1. Thank you guy’s for inviting me. I had such a nice time. Even with three, I still need lots of advice always from friends. Most of the mom’s I now stay at home so I can’t relate to all of the same issues the have. I was so happy to meet some working mom’s with similar issues as me. Next Sunday I have off I would be happy to host a get together for the family’s at my house. I will definatly put together the July girls night though. Does anyone like Anatolia? It is on Lee Rd and has an out door patio and a bar. I love there food. Have a great weekend!

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