Fighting her first cold

I know, I know – we’re lucky! Madeline is almost 1 and we are just now dealing with her first cold (well, she did have an ear infection a few months ago, but other than that she’s been very healthy). My biggest “stress” is aspirating her nose so that she can breath. She HATES this! (Recommendations to alleviate the pain of this task are welcome). She screams and thrashes about making it next to impossible for one grown adult to do it alone.  I’m not quite sure what it is that is so painful or horrible about it now that she’s sick, but on any other day she will laugh, yes, laughed, when we’ve stuck the aspirator up her nose and cleaned out the boogies.  She is a funny child!

I’m kind of at a loss, because other than letting this cold ride itself out, I’m not sure what else I can do to ease her discomfort (not that she’s complaining, but I feel bad for the child). Every medicine I can think of has been taken off the market or isn’t recommended for children due to some problem or another. What is a mom to do? For now, I’m sticking with Infant Tylenol (which I’m not even sure I”m allowed to give her) for the teething and nasal aspiration.

Lucky for us, other than having a difficulty breathing and only wanting to drink her bottle (she’s also teething) she is in very good spirits. I wish I could be so happy when I feel like crap! She’s been unusually loving too (not sure if it’s the age or the cold) which I have to say has been really nice! Hopefully the cold will be gone soon and the cuddles will stay.


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  1. First of all…. almost a year and FIRST cold? Yeah, don’t feel too sorry for you! 😉
    Having said that. We found that Tylenol never did anything (for them or US) – I have found much needed success in Motrin (just regular not cold). Secondly, humidifiers worked wonders, as well as a little Baby Vicks placed strategically below nose. If they are really stuffed up, we also found that placing some vicks in a sinkful of hot water and placing them above for a few minutes at a time (directly in steam) also helped decongest (beware the drainage that may go right into sink!).
    Hope some of these help. 11 months or 4 years, it’s all the same!!!!!

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