Usborne Books – Fun books that teach babies too!

A friend of mine just invited me to an Usborne Book party. I’d never heard of these books before and didn’t really know why they would justify a party…until she told me a little more about the books and I took a look at their website.

It’s actually a really neat little system. They have all sorts of books that teach different things, from language to problem solving, for those as young as 5 months. One set of books even have puzzle pieces that come out but are attached to the book with a string so they don’t get lost! Cool, huh?

bunny on the beach

One of my friend’s favorite books is Bunny on the Beach which helps to teach basic problem solving. The story takes the child(ren) (9 months +) through the different steps the bunny must take to build sandcastle.

After looking through their website, it looks like there is a wide variety of books that caters to a wide range of ages and skill levels. The link I’ve posted is the one my friend sent to me (so I think the order will go through her).


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