Love feeling loved by baby

Recently, Madeline wants to be in the action and she wants to see what we’re doing way up on top of the counters. It melts my heart when she crawls next to me in the kitchen, pulls on my skirt and wants me to hold her so that she can see what I’m doing. It’s not easy to get dinner ready while holding a 20+ lb child! So, when I’m in the kitchen, I’ve actually started putting her in her high chair and letting her watch me clean up the kitchen, prepare meals, or go through mail. It’s nice because she can see what I’m doing and she feels as though she’s involved in the activity. Sometimes I give her a snack to entertain her, but most of the time a spoon and attention from me will do the trick. Once she’s a little older, she can help me to prepare little things for dinner (ie. breaking the string beans in half, breaking bread into smaller pieces for breadcrumbs, etc.) I really love having these little moments between the two of us. One day, when she’s older, I’m sure I’ll reminisce about these times. I hope she still wants to hang out and help me when she’s a teenager!


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  1. I know what you mean. Alec can show affection now, which just melts my heart. He tries to give me kisses, which basically consists of him grabbing a fistful of the sides of my face (or hair or ears) and pulling my face down to his and slobbering open-mouthed on my cheek. I know, sounds pleasant, right? I guess that’s something only a mother could love, but I do. He gives squeezes and wraps his little arms around my neck, too. I am trying to absorb it all right now, because I know someday he won’t me to squeeze him and hold him and kiss him all over his face. I’m going to get in all in right now while he can’t get away from me.

  2. I could have written that same post almost 3.5 years ago. My little twinkies will be 4 on Aug. 1 and they are SUCH great helpers. I was like you, Jess, in that I exposed them and got them involved in EVERYTHING – from cooking, cleaning, reading the newspaper/mail, to Yoga. It has been such a blessing as they are so curious & involved still and love every moment. And it is so meaningful for me that we get to spend these cherished moments together. I hope they will always be engaged in all of these activities – ESPECIALLY the CLEANING!!!!!! 🙂

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