Home with two sick kids… sigh.

Ok, so just wanted to vent that I am home on this beautiful day with two sick kids. AND I actually WANTED and was MOTIVATED to mop my entire first floor:(  And they don’t understand why we can’t go outside to ride our bikes with all of the neighborhood kids. Of course I just opened all of my windows to get some fresh air and they heard them all out there! WHOOPS!

Nasty coughs, complete with some puking. AWESOME. I love my little twinkies more than anything, but it breaks my heart to see this. And I can’t give them anything – I am out of honey and can’t leave the house because I have furniture that will be delivered “sometime between 12 and 4”!!!!  I should just be glad that I didn’t officially start my new job today – THAT would have been a disaster. I guess my ex-husband would have been forced to work from home! OH MY!

Hope everyone else is having a great day – looking forward to Aug. 27!!!!!

Krys – mommy of twins Lily and Ava who will be 4(??!!!!!) on Friday!!!!!!! YIKES.


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