Follow up to – Why is she so upset?

So, that screaming behavior lasted for 3 nights (which I’m told is the average time to “break” a bad habit). Is this something that happens (like it does at 4 months & at 6 months).  When does it end?  My feeling is that it’s only going to get worse once she learns to talk and get out of bed…so I’m happy we’re sticking to our guns now!  I hope we can hold as strong as we do now once she’s crying out for “Mommy!” and “Daddy!”

But I have to say, THANK GOD for these little self imposed rules!  It must have been one of those “awareness” phases because two nights later it was easier.  She screamed for 2 minutes when we put her down and when she woke up at 5AM she just talked to herself and then proceeded to sleep until 8:30!  (typically she’s up at 7 to go to work with me).  I can imagine what would have happened if we’d gone into her room that first night and not waited it out…we would have started a new middle of the night behavior and we’d probably be getting up at 5 AM, for God knows how long, instead of 7 or 8…I never thought I’d say that was sleeping in!  And, after creating this new middle of the night/bedtime habit, we’d still have to spend 3 nights breaking it!


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