Ah, the adaptable child…such a blessing!

Last week and the past two weekends, we had loads of visitors (family and friends, some staying with us). Madeline did really well – especially considering that she hardly took any naps! I know that some of you are sick of me saying this, but I am SO happy that we found a sleep routine that works for us! We are truly blessed. We can take her anywhere and she will be fine, as long as there are other kids around, adults who want to play with her, toys, and/or food, she is fine.

Last weekend she took a great morning nap (2 hrs) and then was up from 10 – 2! We were visiting with cousins and their almost 2 year old so Madeline did NOT want to take a nap. Although she was up and obviously tired (she kept falling over when walking because she was exhausted!) she was happy, laughing and smiling, the entire time. In fact, any time children are around, she doesn’t want to nap. It makes it difficult when I try to keep her on her nighttime routine (bed @7/7:30) and she just won’t go to sleep. I find that when we’re with friends/family & their children it’s best to just let her stay up. She’ll sleep when we’re in the car…or I find that if she takes cat naps during the day and no real naps, I can take her home and put her to bed earlier (6/6:30) and she will make it up at that point,l sleeping until 7/7:30 the next morning. Understanding the fact that she doesn’t want to sleep when there are others new, exciting people around, and not trying to force her to sleep when she’ll be happy and fine if I let her stay up/skip a nap has really helped the entire situation. Instead of stressing because she won’t “stick to her routine”, I’ve found that letting the schedule go (as long as she’s not cranky) and adjusting her bedtime/nap schedule accordingly has made things much easier and more fun for everyone.


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