Introducing Whole Milk

OK, so Madeline is now officially ONE!! How quickly that year did fly by! Now that she’s a year old, she can have all sorts of things she wasn’t allowed to have (ie. milk, sugar, cake, ice cream, yikes!). I think it’s odd to have this as a milestone, although it does make it easy to keep track of things. Why is she allowed to have milk next week, but this week it’s a “no no”? I know there are reasons (and I’m sure she’d be fine if I gave her milk a week early), but still, does anyone else think this is kind of odd? Shouldn’t it be when the child is ready? For one, I would have preferred to have had one more doctor’s appointment for her between 9 months and 12 months (which by the way they wouldn’t let me schedule even 3 days early…weird!). I feel like so much happens in those 3 months and I wish I could see the doctor and ask about all of these changes (ie. those regarding eating habits, bottle/drinking queries, etc.).

Anyway, my question involves introducing milk and when/how to do it? I’ve heard that you should do it gradually (add a bit of milk to the formula every day until the entire thing is just milk). Has anyone done this? It doesn’t seem like it will be that big of a deal, but I could be entirely wrong on this…any advice is well appreciated!


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  1. At Alec’s last appointment, his pediatrician said that he could have yogurt starting at 7-8 mos. And we bought the book First Meals by Annabel Karmel, which is a cookbook for baby food and toddler food. I would highly recommend this book. We love it! She has lots of good tips and recipes. Anyway, in it she says that babies can have milk in cereal and other milk products, like yogurt, cheese, etc. (after 6 mos., I think). But that you should not replace breastmilk/formula with cow’s milk until after 1 year because cow’s milk does not have the same level of nutrients that babies need during that period and get from breastmilk/formula (I think it’s Vitamin C and iron). Anyway, Alec is almost 8 mos. and we have been giving him yogurt and I’m going to give him cheese this week. No adverse reactions yet. I could be totally wrong here, but my understanding is that having some milk/dairy is not a huge issue, but that up until a year it should not replace breastmilk/formula because it doesn’t have enough essential nutrients. That explanation makes sense to me. But maybe there are different opinions on the subject as well. I seem to remember reading/hearing that young babies can’t tolerate the high levels of lactose in cow’s milk. This is all very confusing to me. I agree with you about wishing we could have additional doctor’s appointments snuck in there. Our doctor’s office will do phone consultations with us for questions and charge us a nominal fee. Let me know how the milk thing goes. We’re not far behind you…

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