1 Year appointment

Madeline had her 1 Year appointment (where they test for lead & give them a few more shots *ouch!*). It’s also the only well visit appointment that we’ve had in 3 months (and since I’d been collecting questions for some time) I thought I’d share the info I gathered from this appointment with those of you who may be looking for what comes next.

So, here’s the low down:
– At just under 20 lbs, it is recommended that she still be rear facing. However, I can put her in the forward facing if I prefer…
– At 1, they are able to each ANYTHING! Provided that it’s cut up into small pieces, they can eat anything from shellfish to peanut butter and nuts. This makes it SO much easier. No more editing!
– At 1, they can drink whole milk – 12 – 24 ounces daily. At this point, it should be in addition to the meal rather than replacing it.
– When they start walking, it’s totally normal for 1 of their feet (or both I assume) to turn inwards, causing them to trip. This is due to their weak muscles and once they get stronger this will go away (your doctor can check for this to see if it will be a more persistent problem).

Just thought I’d “share the wealth” of information I gained from Madeline’s last visit. Hope this helps!


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