Places to buy high end strollers in Cleveland?

I’m reaching out to my friends to see whether or not I’m missing something…I have only been able to find ONE store in Cleveland that sells high end strollers (Bugaboo, Quinny, etc.). Am I missing something? I can’t believe that there isn’t at least one other store on the other side of town that sells high end strollers, high chairs (Svan, Trip Trap, etc.), and diaper bags. I’ve found a few clothing boutiques, but no other “gear” stores. Anyone with any recommendations? I’ve even tried searching on the internet for stores in Cleveland and nothing has come up – not even the one store I do know about.


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  1. If you’re missing something, so am I. The only place I know about is Strollermama, but they have abbreviated hours because they seem to do mostly internet sales. I think we had to make an appointment. And they really only carry strollers (no highchairs or other gear). If you hear of some other place, please let me know!!

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