Stroller Advice for Expecting and New Moms

I know, I know – you’re not going to want to hear this…but here’s my advice on buying a stroller:

  1. Buy the Snap ‘n Go (or some other frame stroller) before the baby arrives.
  2. Unless you jog or walk to work and need a jogging stroller, wait until your child has outgrown their infant car seat to buy a bigger stroller. This way, you can actually take your child with you to the store, have them sit in the car seat, and see how it works with the child actually in it.

Buying a stroller is a big investment, and it’s one you will have to live with for at least a few years (more if you have more than one child).  Since we had certain specifications in mind (ones that became more specific as Madeline grew and her needs changed) and since we jumped the gun and bought our stroller 4 months before she was born (and JUST started using it a few months ago!) we really didn’t know what we needed and I really wish we’d waited.  So, I thought I’d pass along my experience to my friends so that hopefully you can avoid the same mistake that I made.

If anyone knows where this stroller is, let me know:

My Dream Stroller

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold (in one piece, ie. doesn’t come apart)
  • Modern/Cool design
  • Reclines pretty far so that the child can sleep
  • Large storage area under seat
  • Adjustable handlebar for me (5’3″) and my hubby (6’1″)
  • Cup holder for me
  • Sippy cup holder (or net) for child
  • Snack area for child
  • Ample shade for sun
  • Foam tires
  • Easily maneuvers through rough terrain (ie. our obnoxious sidewalks)

If it’s out there, let me know! PLEASE!


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