Stroller daze

Baby Jogger City Elite Single Stroller in black

Baby Jogger City Elite Single Stroller in black

Ok, so I went to Berg’s and found a stroller. It’s NOTHING like I’d originally wanted (I was looking for a cool stroller), but it had almost everything I was looking for: easy to fold, cup holders, accessories, fairly lightweight, pneumatic tires, loads of storage, large canopy. The stroller I’m talking about is the Baby Jogger City Elite Single Stroller in black. I really love everything about it, but I wish I felt cool pushing it! Why is it that all of the cool strollers out there lack essential features?

First, I want to thank everyone for their help (and patience!) in the search for the perfect stroller.  I don’t think I’ve stressed about a decision like since I had to pick a stroller the last time.  This time, I found that talking to friends really helped, but it helped more to try them out.  One friend lent me her Bugaboo and although I loved it, I couldn’t get past the no cup holder thing and having to take it apart every time I put it in the car…oh and the $800 price tag didn’t help the case either…

Also, I found a really cool website,, that has reviews for different strollers as well as videos (you can find them on YouTube as well) with a mom opening, closing, and pushing around a baby or toddler in any stroller you can find.

I have to say that I really hate stroller shopping in Cleveland. A) There are only 2 places to shop with only a few high end strollers (non-jogging) to choose from, B) They won’t let you take the stroller out of the store (well, one of them did but I didn’t have the baby at the time so it didn’t really help) and once you’ve bought it, it’s yours! The thing is, it’s not just Cleveland with stores that have these policies – I was just in Atlanta and the store there had the same policy! What would you think if there was a place you could go to test out strollers? Where you could even rent them for a weekend to see how they’d work out in real life…before you made the $400+ commitment?


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