Stuff she’s into at 13 months

Right now, she’s into stuffed animals – she always sleeps with one (but it has to be a bear, no other stuffed animal (no matter how soft) will do) and she will sometimes carry one around the house.  I have heard that this is normal, for them to attach to an object, and it’s really cute to watch :-).

Something she recently began doing with her toys (or leaves if we’re outside) is lining them up in a row and then taking them one by one to another area.  Not really sure what this means or why she’s doing it but it’s interesting to watch.  She will take her Little People toys, one at a time, from the bin and line them up on the automan.   Then she’ll take them, one at a time, from the automan and play with them on the couch.  Maybe this means she’ll be organized (not sure where she got that from!)…

One other thing she likes to do is to put things away.  Yesterday, she took all of the crayons out of the box and placed all of them back in the box (without eating them, yeah!) 4 times in a row.  She also likes to place items into bags, bins, and boxes.   Again, hope this is a sign she likes organization – maybe she can teach me 🙂


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