FYI – This guy lives at 2285 COVENTRY RD, Cleveland Hts, Ohio.

Considering I have a young child of my own, this sort of thing makes me ABSOLUTELY SICK!  The fact that people get away with this sort of thing every day and are living in our midst (this guy is our NEIGHBOR!) is absolutely disgusting and I wish that all of the sex offenders (especially the pedophiles) would be branded or castrated.  What is wrong with a man (and this one is MARRIED!) who gets his kicks from a 12 year old girl (lucky for the “girl” she never existed, but this could have easily been a real child and not a sting!).  Sorry to be so graphic, but child abuse is a serious offense and I wonder if the judge had been abused or had a close friend or relative who had been abused he wouldn’t have been so lenient.  In my opinion, people with these tendencies can’t be stopped. Can we send all of these people to Mars?  I hear there’s snow up there…

The other thing that pisses me off about this case is that he was actually charged a YEAR AGO and just sentenced – but he’s been free since then and I hadn’t even heard about this case until yesterday! And he lives in our neighborhood! Really scary.


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