Giving up “Jon & Kate plus 8”

I am very sad to say that I have watched my last episode of “Jon & Kate plus 8”. I miss the old times, when they were a normal couple trying to figure out how to raise eight, adorable kids. I miss the times when they painted their own rooms and hung their own shelves. I miss being able to relate to them as parents and as a young couple trying to find a balance between work, family, and each other. Last night, I watched two recent episodes – the one where they get the puppies and the one where they get their new appliances (Whirlpool washer and dryers for her…hmmm, wonder if she paid for them…doubtful!). All of the shameless product placement and obvious free goods got me really steamed. It’s turned into the “Kate show” where you do get to see all of the free stuff she’s getting but you barely see the kids and Jon hardly talks during the interviews. Anyway, now that they’ve moved into their big, huge house and get all sorts of freebies, I’ve found that I don’t really find the show all that interesting. It was much more interesting when they had to deal with issues to which the average, American family could relate.

God, I hope Octomom doesn’t get a show…what a train wreck.


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  1. i just saw those two shows you’re talking about. i never really liked how kate kind of “ran” the show, but you’re right that now it’s getting a little ridiculous.

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