Fun weekend getaway

This past weekend, David & I took the baby (who is now a whopping 9 months old!) on her very first mini vacation. My parents have a place on Kelleys Island and it was a perfect break to recharge the ole batteries. Although we had a place to stay, I would highly recommend it to any of you looking for an easy, fun weekend away. It only took us an hour or so to get to Marblehead (from downtown Cleveland anyway) and then it’s a 30 minute ferry ride (Madeline loved the water and the other kids on the boat…although she did spit up a little while on the boat).

Although the ferry was a bit expensive ($66 round trip for 2 adults, our car, and a rear mounted bike rack – which would have been free if we’d put it on the roof), it was worth it to have the car over on the island. While on the island, we rode our bikes everywhere (very fun!) and Madeline enjoyed scooting around in the bike trailer (from Costco @ $150) and riding on the golf carts. There is a small beach, lots of parks and trails, and there’s even a huge Glacial Groove you can see for free.

It really seems like Kelleys Island is trying to revamp its image. While we were riding around we noticed a lot of new construction, rebuilding, and even a new hotel (the only one that I know of actually!) with a pool. And they just opened a new coffee shop, Erie Island Coffee, and it’s good too 🙂 Very comparable to Phoenix Coffee in taste, jolt, & price.

There is even a local restaurant – next to the hotel of course – that brews their own beer – and it’s really good too. Also on the alcohol front, there is a winery which is ok – actually, it’s good for Ohio wines, but if you like good wines you probably won’t want to go there.

Anyway, it’s a nice daytrip or mini-vaca with the family and it’s close to home so if the kids don’t fare well you can get home quickly and easily.

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